Friday, February 13, 2009

Hooray for animation of the future

I must admit there is a certain type of movie that gets me every time. My boyfriend dreads the date of their release. He knows I just can't resist them. I mean have you ever met a girl that could?

I'm not talking about "chick flicks" or romantic comedies. No sir. The type of movies that make my heart sing are computer animated kid's flicks.

I was taken with "Toy Story" and I never looked back. There are so many good ones to recall. "James and the Giant Peach," "A Bug's Life," "Monster House," "The Incredibles," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Monsters Inc", "Ice Age," "Corpse Bride," the list is seemingly endless... And it's about to get longer.

Pixar and Disney released it's current lineup until 2012 of computer animated films last spring. Let's recap:

"Wall E," the Eco-friendly story of a compassionate little robot that could, came out in 2008. Now available on video.

"Bolt," a super-dog escapes the safe confinement of his movie trailer and ventures out into the outside world to save the day, also released in 2008, and is currently playing at the cheap seats.

Scheduled to come out at the end of May, "UP" is the story of a 78 year-old dreamer who meets his eight-year old match, and also learns a few things about life on the way.

What could be better than Disney's "Toy Story?" "Toy Story 3-D" Pixar's first Disney computer animated feature is scheduled to be released in a new 3-D version in fall of 2009. " Toy Story 2" and "Toy Story 3" will also have 3-D counter parts set to be released in 2010.

Christmas 2009, what a gift! Disney releases "The Princess and the Frog." Based on the musical, Disney-Pixar returns to old, but timeless animation styles. Set in New Orleans, what could be better than a love story with frogs?

"Rapunzel" the story of a long-haired princess locked away in a tower will be released in 2010 just in time for the holidays.

Two blue-footed newts must learn to love each other to save their species, in Disney's "Newt" set to release in the summer of 2011, in 3-D!

Also in 3-D, coming out for Christmas of 2011, look for "The Bear and the Bow." Merida, a daughter of royalty wants more than anything to be an archer. She finds herself on a perilous journey, that involves an ancient curse, magic and nature.

For 2012, look for "Cars 2" and "The King of Elves."

Hooray for animation of the future!


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